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wolfpack BACK.png

 Artwork for Wolfpack 44's various single releases as well as the forthcoming debut

album "The Scourge" from Wolfpack 44 available soon via Deadlight Entertainment.

The entire cd layout is currently in mid production

the enemy below -web size.png

Cover artwork for the "The Enemy Below" Single which can be

streamed  on the Decibel magazine website here

Cover artwork for the "Chamber of Nightmares" Single

wolfpack cover web.png

 Album cover artwork for "The Scourge"

 Album cover artwork for "Ritual Romanum"

Cover artwork for the "Black March" Single

It is with the deepest appreciation that I wish to thank Ricktor Ravensbrück and the rest of the band for allowing me the amazing opportunity to create these pieces to visually represent the music of Wolfpack 44

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